Everdrive 64 Plus: Basic Tips and Tricks and All Games Compatibility

everdrive 64 plus tricks and tips

This ED64 Plus review will examine this customizability-centric multicart. You’ll learn about its UltraCIC chip, USB port, and the ability to store a large number of games. This multicart is a great choice for any Nintendo 64 owner. But there are some notable drawbacks to the product. If you’re thinking about buying one, consider the disadvantages listed below.

ED64 Plus is a customizable multicart

The Everdrive 64 Plus is a high-end customizable multicart for Nintendo’s Super Nintendo system. It comes in a simple box with an instruction booklet and a CD containing the Everdrive 64 plus OS software. You’ll also find rom files and software for the SD card. The box looks like it’s from China, and the contents don’t really match up. Nevertheless, this multicart is definitely worth your money.

It has a USB port

Compared to its predecessor, the ED64 Plus comes with a USB port. While USB ports are not very common on flash drives, they are essential to the overall compatibility of an Everdrive 64 system. The USB port on an Everdrive 64 Plus makes it easier to play all types of games, including games with a lot of data. It is also a great option if you frequently switch between different types of games, as it will prevent any loss of game data.

It saves a lot of games

The ED64 Plus has improved a lot since it was first released. Most new models come with an SD card already preloaded and are plug and play. However, older versions may require you to follow a set-up guide to get your unit up and running. This article will look at some of the improvements in ED64 Plus and whether it’s worth the extra money. This review will be updated as new features and improvements become available.

It has an UltraCIC chip

The ED64 Plus is based on the first version of Everdrive64. However, the firmware that came with the original version of the cart will not work on the ED64Plus, as the latter uses the same SDRAM chip. The ED64Plus is also not compatible with non-retail N64 software. The menu system of the cart is based on the Everdrive 64 1.0 OS and only received minor changes since then.

It has 64MB of rom memory

The ED64 Plus has 64MB of ROM memory, making it capable of running most PC games. The console also comes with a built-in SD card that contains the operating system and other files but no games. You can easily put your own games on this SD card as it is as easy as copying and pasting files to a PC or Mac. To store games on the SD card, simply create a ‘Games’ folder and subfolders. Using the menu loader, you can navigate the directory tree and select any game in any subfolder.

It works with N64 rom

ED64Plus is a hack for the N64 that is compatible with many fan translations. It will fool the N64 into thinking that the ROM is on a SD Card or cartridge. It will not improve the game however, but it will play them just fine. For more information, check out the ED64Plus review on the N64 Forums. However, the emulator doesn’t work with some games. For example, Donkey Kong 64 Not for Resale, Dragon Sword 64, and Viewpoint 2064 will not play properly. ED64 Plus doesn’t support photo-memory cards, which are required by some games.

It comes with a disc

The ED64 Plus comes with very minimal packaging, with just an instruction manual and software CD. The ED64 Plus is compatible with both the American and European versions of the Nintendo 64. To use the European version of the Everdrive 64 Plus, place the switch in the P position. The American version is in the N position. The disc contains ROM files and operating system software. It is possible to install the software on both versions of the N64.

Everdrive 64 Plus All Games Compatibility

The Everdrive 64 Plus is similar to the ED64 Plus and supports game Rom files via SD card. Both have NTSC and PAL regions, and the Everdrive 64 Plus can be configured to run either region. In addition, both models use the same SDRAM chip. To boot from the SD card, you must hold down the reset button for a few seconds. The Everdrive 64 Plus is more durable, though. It is also made of higher-quality plastic than the ED64 Plus.

everdrive 64 plus ram

The Everdrive 64 is compatible with 32MB games with Flash RAM, but cannot handle 64MB games with the latter configuration. The exception is Pokémon Stadium 2, which works fine with this configuration. Otherwise, the game will boot to a black screen and will not save. If you want to use this game for its EEPROM 16K save feature, you can try the ED64Plus, though. The Everdrive 64 can save EEPROM 16K files, but you’ll have to manually enter them.

If you’re considering buying an Everdrive 64, it’s essential to check compatibility. This device is not region-locked and can play games from any region on earth. The ED64Plus supports NTSC-J and PAL ROMs, so you can play games from any country in the world. However, you should be aware that the Japanese N64 games may not be 100% compatible with the Everdrive 64 Plus.

Basic Tips and Tricks when using ED64 Plus

There are many different ways to save your game when using ED64 Plus. Here are some best basic tips and tricks:

1. Always make a backup of your game before you start any modifications. By this, you can restore your game easily if something goes wrong while playing.

2. Make sure that you have the latest version of ED64 Plus installed. This software is updated frequently, and the latest versions include more features and bug fixes.

3. Use the built-in help system to learn more about the various features of ED64 Plus. This information is available by pressing [F1] during gameplay.

4. Use the [Options] menu to customize your game experience. You can change graphics settings, sound levels, and more.

5. If you encounter problems while playing your game, consult the ED64 Plus help system for additional advice or assistance.

6. Enjoy your modified game!


If you are anything like me, you love playing video games. But eventually, even the best game can’t last forever. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to help extend your gaming experience and save your progress. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most effective ways to save your game using ED Plus. So whether you’re trying to beat the latest level or just preserving your progress for when you have time to come back to it, read on for some tips on how to save your game with ease!

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