Available Downloads:

OS64P.V64, latest ver 1.28  (Operation System Update)

USB Loader (Device Driver for Computer and Instruction Sheet)


FIRMWARE ALT64 – v0.1.8.23 by saturnu Code engine by Jay Oster



✔ MSX2

| firmware ALT64 |

Just download and decompress to root sd:!bM5kHQLS!rEULa8elqt4ge9oBmtaMOeBG-qYngqNNAVCPQB2qGLQ

  • this version is for NTSC consoles. To use PAL edit ALT64.ini change PAL options (can use notepad)

| EMULATORS |!KB5DAYiD!lC780j-yXAiWW7CZ5bdtdK_8Xp4G0HAp4MGNpaK10kM

emus must be in ED64P folder but dooms in other folder.

All emulators here:

Mame N64:!HVgHHAbI!wUST9-WbsNBY83PxcAIKc5g02mB9kpEgF-8N_Dxu8y8


the savedata must be on ed64/sdsave/ (remember name of game and save must be equal)

edit ALT64.INI and put 1 in ext_type to refeer to OS64 save system…

because original Alt64 save to e4k and e16 eeprom savestates and and it is not possible to exchange them

; 0=classic 1=OS64
ALT64 classics: e4k,e16,srm,128,fla
OS64 settings: eep,eep,sra,sra,fla!vVQwRYAL!zQPb9EX0sc5kre_5-Yn3FMM5l9VRzJKphxc1qJstY0s

over the game name press “C RIGHT” button and configure type of save right… see manual page



must be in YML format. In this web can be download

make your own cheats search

Cheats codes for PAL games

More cheats codes

be in /ED64/CHEATS/

over the game name press “C RIGHT” button and configure cheats ON.

the file name identical to the game
the code region correct
The formatting I use is 2 spaces before the –

Remove the # comments that describe the code, since it only works at the start of a line. Try this, mark cheats as # comments in case some of them somehow clash and can’t be ran at the same time.

smashbros (U) (!)

All Stages:

  • A018E7F1 8000
  • A018E7F1 8001
  • A018E7F1 8002
  • A018E7F1 8003
  • A018E7F1 8004
  • A018E7F1 8005
  • A018E7F1 8006
  • A018E7F1 8007
  • A018E7F1 8008
  • A018E7F1 8009
  • A018E7F1 800A
  • A018E7F1 800B
  • A018E7F1 800C
  • A018E7F1 800D
  • A018E7F1 800E
  • A018E7F1 800F

Press D-Down to make items appear:

  • 8118D0A2 0001

Weird Pokeballs (have yet to figure this one out):

  • 80265A1B 0006

Kirby Beta Stage 1:

  • 800A4D09 0009

Kirby Beta Stage 2:

  • 800A4D09 000A

Metal Mario Stage:

  • 800A4D09 000D

Fighting Polygon Stage:

  • 800A4D09 000E

Race to the Finish Stage:

  • 800A4D09 000F

Tutorial Stage:

  • 800A4D09 000B

Alternate Yoshi’s Island Stage:

  • 800A4D09 000C

Have all Characters:

  • 810A4938 0FF0
  • 810E4D30 2400
  • 810E4DFC 2400


look at alt.ini there are some colors that you can change.
it is possible to deactivate the sounds if don’t like them.

in alt64.ini, there is an entry “background_image” that can have the
value of a filename of a png file located at /ED64/wallpaper/

*rule: PNG | 320 x 240 | 24 bits

Copy any image from browser paste into IRFANVIEW save in PNG 320 x 240 resolution 24 bits.

The name must be bg_01.png … bg_02.png … ba_XX.png etcetera …
And it should go in the WALLPAPER folder inside ED64.

If you want to change the name of the wallpaper to load or choose a different one, you must edit the ALT64.ini parameter (inside the ED64 folder) called:

background_image = bg_01.png

Simply open it with the Notepad and edit that parameter.

there are two convert scripts in the archive
convert.bat for windows for linux

first you have to download ImageMagick

After that you have to find a package like “Nintendo 64 2D Box Art (303) (No-Intro)”
and then you have to extract it into a subdirectory into the imagemagick directory

if you are ready you can execute convert.bat in the subdirectory

you have to install imagemagick, too
after that you can execute the file in the directory where your
pngs files are.

If you have successfully renamed and resized your files you can copy them

change FONTS

This is for very exquisite people, I put by default a call TINYTYPE the font should not be very thick or very small so you can read well on a tube TV like mine. By pressing the “C up” button on a rom or file you will see its full name.

Well inside the folder ED64 there is a call FONTS there are all the available sources, to see them I recommend downloading the following program:

8×8 Pixel ROM Font Editor (In the Download section download the last 2.7)

of this page:

Once the source is chosen, you must use software that is included in the firmware download (the first one) and that is in the ED64 folder called “ed64font”

they must copy the source to where this software is plus the OS64.v64

EXAMPLE (they must have the 3 files in the same folder):

Whats Next? very easy drag the font to the ed64font and it will only put it, that if it lets you do it once only. If you already did it and want to change the source you must place the original OS64. I in the Backup folder leave the originals also the program makes a backup, just delete the new and edit the extension of the original.
You can also edit the ALT64.ini and in the source part place the name of your source, in the section:

menu_font =

I edit both executables (the OS64 and OS64P) and also the ALT.ini nose if all those steps are done or with one reaches, I clarify if they should do all the steps …

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