Best Games to Play with Your Kids This Holiday Season

games to play with kids in holidays

Looking for a fun and engaging way to spend the holiday season with your kids? Look no further! Here are some of our favorite games to play with your family this year.

Top Family Games to Play

Looking for a fun game to play with your family this holiday season? Here are five of our favorite games to get you started!

Monopoly: One of the classic family games, Monopoly can be enjoyed by all ages. Get creative by purchasing properties on the Boardwalk or Park Place, and try to make as much money as you can!

Clue: Another classic board game that can be enjoyed by all ages, Clue is an interesting game that requires clever deduction. Can you figure out who killed Mr. Body?

Candy land: This sweet and colorful board game is perfect for children of all ages. Players take turns moving around the Candy land board, trying to collect as many candy bars as possible. Be careful not to fall off the cliff!

Jenna: is a classic building game that is great for all ages. Players must help one another build towers of blocks until the tower falls down, causing them to lose the game. Be careful not to make too many mistakes – it’s not easy being a jingo master!

Best Christmas Games

There are so many great games to play with your kids this holiday season! Here are some of our favorites:

1. Monopoly – This classic game is always a hit and can be a lot of fun, especially if you add some themed variations like Star Wars or Pokémon.

2. Yahtzee – This classic game is simple but challenging, and can be enjoyed by all ages.

3. Scrabble – One of the oldest board games still popular today, scrabble can be a lot of fun for all players, regardless of their language skills.

4. Taboo – A relatively new game that’s quickly becoming a favorite, taboo is a fast-paced and often hilarious game that can be played with either two or four players.

5. Cranium – Another new game that’s quickly gaining popularity, cranium is a brainteaser that requires quick thinking and coordination.

There are lots of great family games to play this holiday season. Here are our top picks:

1. Monopoly: This classic board game is perfect for warm-ups and can be played as a cooperative or competitive game.

2. Scrabble: This popular word game is a classic for a good reason – it’s tons of fun to play with family and friends.

3. Yahtzee: This classic dice game is a blast to play with friends and family. It’s also great for learning strategy and counting skills.

4. Dungeons & Dragons: This classic role-playing game is perfect for family fun – kids can adventure together while parents can provide guidance!

5. Matching Games: One of the best things about playing games with your family is that you never know what will happen – there’s always something new to enjoy! Try playing games like Jigsaw Puzzles, Checkers, and Dominoes.

Best Activities for Kids on a Holiday Vacation

There are a lot of great activities for kids to do on a holiday vacation. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Go out on nature walks or hikes. This is a great activity for all ages, and can be enjoyed in any weather condition. Grab your camera and take some amazing photos!

2. Play games together. There are so many great games available that are perfect for family fun. Some of our favorites include Monopoly, Scrabble, and Risk.

3. Make homemade gifts. This can be a fun and easy way to show your kids how much you care during the holidays. Be sure to include instructions if you want them to be crafty!

4. Take part in family traditions. Sometimes the best way to enjoy a holiday tradition is to do it together as a family. If you don’t have any family traditions yet, try making some this year!

5. Shop together. One of the best things about Christmas is spending time with family and friends shopping for gifts! This can be done online or in person, whichever is more convenient for you and your kiddos!

Top New Games for Kids This Holiday Season

This holiday season, there are some great new games for kids to play. Here are four of our favorites:

1. You-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits and Fears – This sequel to the popular You-Kai Watch game features new creatures and a new map. Kids will have to battle ghosts, stampeding horses, and other terrorizing enemies in order to save naughty You-Kai.

2. Just Dance 2018 – It’s been years since Just Dance last came out, but this year’s installment is back with updated songs and a new story mode. Kids will need quick reflexes and good coordination to perform their favorite dance moves on the virtual stage.

3. Mario Party 10 – The popular party game franchise returns this year with new characters, maps, and challenges. Players will need to work together in order to win mini-games and reach the final destination.

4. LEGO Worlds – This upcoming sandbox game lets kids build everything from their own unique worlds using LEGO blocks. There are no limits on what they can create, making it perfect for creative kids of all ages.


Whether you’re a parent trying to find the best games to keep your kids entertained this holiday season, or you just need some ideas for things to do with them on Saturday morning, hopefully this list of 10 best games will be of help. From family-friendly classics like Monopoly and Yahtzee to newer classics like Candy Crush and Pokémon GO, there’s something for everyone on this list. So whether you’re looking for an afternoon game or an entire day of fun filled activities, we’ve got you covered!

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