Operation Manual

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+ ED64Plus can support a maximum of 512Mbit(64MBytes) ROM images
+ Support SD, SDHC, MMC card with FAT, FAT16, FAT32 format (maximum 32GB)
+ Multi CIC chip compatible
+ Supports all games of the region corresponding to the console
+ R
egion free (will play a PAL ROM on a NTSC system, and vice-versa)

+ Supports all save types, even FlashRAM save type
+ Stores cartridge based saves directly on the CF/MicroSD card (note.2)
+ Supports homebrew ROMs
+ Most games load within a few seconds. Larger ones take several seconds.
+ Drag and drop support directly to SDCard
+ No proprietary extra adapters involved
+ Supports multiple ROMs up to the capacity of the SDCard
+ Supports sub folders
+ ROMs are stored indefinitely until files are deleted or the SDCard is formatted
+ Continued menu, firmware, GUI, and hardware development support
+ 64MBytes of high quality Micron RAM onboard
+ High quality 4 layers printed circuit board and SMD components
+ Does not require any special hardware or software to flash games
+ N64 menu is navigated with the gamepad
+ Uses SDCard to store ROMs
+ Reset button takes the user back to the ED64Plus menu
+ Easy to use once set up properly and then recommended for the novice user
+ Most commercial ROMs backup work (* Some CIC6105 ROMs backup require the patched versions still)
+ Most games which required a patch for old copiers work with or without a patch
+ Support byte swapped ROM images



The ED64Plus cart require a commercial N64 game cartridge with CIC6102 to be plugged into it as a dongle for the CIC microchip protection check. However, there are only one CIC6102 cartridge need.



The ED64Plus launch a ROM with corresponding save type automatically. All save types are fully supported. However, the ED64Plus menu allows changing of the save type prior to launching a ROM. This is done by pressing the L/R buttons to cycle through the different cartridge save types. When game is playing, press Reset button will take the user back to the ED64Plus menu, and the ED64Plus automatically creates a save file on the inserted SDCard within the /ED64P/SAVE folder. Each save game will have an extension corresponding to what type of save it is.